Our Work

Chicago Custom Home Build

This project was a complete home renovation in Chicago, IL.  The client has a very particular tone they wanted accomplished while adhering to their budget. The client was so happy with the finished project.  This included kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, living room, and custom cabinetry and flooring.

Custom home Remodel
Barrington, IL

This project was a complete home remodel in Barrington, a suburb of Chicago. We performed a full upscale home remodel on this custom home, working with the owners to their 100% satisfaction.

Chicago Multifamily Remodel

Because these are rental units inside of a Multifamily 3-flat building in Chicago, the client had a budget and a time line they needed met.  We were able to accomplish their full remodel on time and stay within their budget. Our clients couldn’t be happier!

Gold Coast Remodel

These are photos from a Chicago condo rehab in the Gold Coast. This condo in the Gold Coast of Chicago needed a full renovation, and the owner was very particular about what they wanted, we ended up remodeling their whole condo, including kitchen and bathrooms. The clients love their new condo.

Roselle, IL Home Remodel

This project was a home remodel including kitchen and living room.

Bloomingdale, IL Home Remodel

This project included a full kitchen remodel and our client loved the finished result and will be hosting many gathering here with their friends and family!

Gallery of Various Projects

These are photos from various other projects we have completed.

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